Somewhere on a Beach

24th July 2015 - 1 minute read

Imagine this,an idyllic scene.

You are walking on a endless beach beside a tropical sea,the sand curls between your toes and the sun hangs high above,carefreeness?

Is that a word?

There is no one,not a soul but then far away a spot of darkness lures the brightness and grows,from perhaps a mile apart your shared path converges.

a person, a woman or girl?

The sun is fearsome as you pass close to one another at the waters edge and smile a greeting of ‘We are both far from our homes”

You glance back..surely not?

‘Excuse me!I think I made those earrings you are wearing!”

William Blake and the grain of sand spring to mind.


A postscript

I always look at jewellery,remember people by their jewellery,upon the tube,in a restaurant,buying an icecream with my kids in the park but that one has always stood out.

If I hadn’t made those earrings that could not have happened,we went on to be friends for many years.

Somehow that makes me believe,not always sure in what..but maybe just believing is enough.



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