Common Ground

24th September 2015 - 1 minute read

There are lots of ways we can meet other people,the possibilities are beyond count.

But,this jewellery making,this is an ancient and relatively unchanged profession,it goes back a long and I mean,long,way.

I have made many friends or acquaintances through a shared craft but one encounter stays with me.

A small town in southern Italy back in the 90’s,time to kill I wander some ancient winding streets and happen upon an old style jewellers,i open the door of one of the most beautiful workshops I have ever seen,two venerable aged gentlemen are busy at their workbenches.

Most,practically all modern jewellers cannot even begin to compare themselves to the kind of atmosphere that I had entered.

Neat,clean,ordered and redolent,steeped in timelessness and tradition..I looked at the pieces on display,not many,but all unique and beautifully crafted.

We began to talk ‘Anch’io sono orefice’ I am also a jeweller,they were so polite and we passed time together,drank a small espresso,as I left I felt blessed.

True old style craftsmen,both in their 70’s and still working at the trade they loved.

An honour.

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