Museum Pieces

8th July 2015 - 1 minute read

Around 15 years ago Metal Crumble was approached to make a set of pieces by the then fledgling Hackney museum.

Roger and George,his business partner at the time spent about a week on design and the making of a necklace,bracelet and ring.

We tried very hard to take an innovative look at the borough,a kind of Hackney through the looking glass aspect.

The pieces are big and bold,in some way a kind of metaphor for this famous old part of east London.

We used sterling silver,glass and yellow gold,laminating sections of the London A-Z to display streets and neighbourhoods and then setting them under the 8mm faceted glass pieces.

Handwork,tradition,conception,realisation,something of ourselves and ,er,a lot of Hackneys streets!

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