We work with you to design the jewellery you want.


The idea has to be first and that is you. Make an appointment with us. Bring your photograph,drawing or design. We just need that first seed, then we can grow it for you.

Fittings and Furnishings

Your piece is made but not finished,it may still need the stone set,may simply need that final high polish,or even quite the opposite..may need to be planished,matted,or even distressed. But,its a long way down the road,we may need you to come in for final sizing to check textures? Oxidised, bright? You are part of this too.


Our workshop is our hub and our years our tool just as much as saws,pliers,torches and mills. Be it a gold engagement ring or a plain silver band all receive the same unfailing attention, we are capable indeed.

The Finishing Line

We are there, all the stages are completed, fruition. Your finger, neck, wrist or ears..adorned. You wear a piece of handmade jewellery. Last but not least - Bear in mind. It takes time to do a job well.